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Benton Harbor, MI-Research supports that students who are at risk of educational failure come from low-income families, have parents who are not high school graduates, have low academic skills, come from single-parent homes, are alienated or bored and have low self-esteem. Benton Harbor has a population with an increasingly large portion of students who fall under this profile.
The latest Census reports shows about 42% of the population are identified as living below the poverty line. Many parents are in need of educational services, and are not prepared to assist their children with homework. These limitations are particularly challenging for Benton Harbor’s adolescents. Benton Harbor’s adult educational attainment is low and the illiteracy rate is 70%. For the population 25 years and over, 60.5% obtained a high school diploma or higher, 4.2% earned a bachelor’s degree and 2.2% holds a graduate or professional degree.
Approximately 52% of the city’s residents are unemployed and the average median household income is $17,471. Our program will offer students extended learning opportunities after school and during the summer in a safe and nurturing environment. It supports and encourages participants’ by improving academic performances while boosting their mental, physical and social well-being.

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